ANNA by Charles-Olivier Michaud _POSTER

Director: Charles Olivier Michaud
Cast: Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Anna Mouglalis, Pascale Bussières, Xiao Sun
Country: Canada
Running time: 109 min
Year of production: 2015


Anna is an independent photojournalist investigating a human trafficking and child prostitution network in Asia. On her journey to the root of all evil, she meets Sam, a fixer who will intervene decisively in her destiny. Sam is a fighter in every sense, whose motives are never completely clear. Although she has always managed to keep a distance with her subjects and their sufferings, she becomes her own subject. Raped, tortured and left for dead in an alley, Anna regains consciousness weeks later in Montreal. She has to learn to live with the trauma they inflected her. From Montreal, Anna continues to investigate and discovers some disturbing facts about the extension of the network, reaching far beyond Asia, and Sam’s involvement. Anna is a thriller that explores revenge, responsibility and redemption, a dark journey in the intimacy of this woman trying to break a cycle of violence.