LAPUTA by Jakub Smíd _Poster

Director: Jakub Smíd
Cast: Tereza Voříšková, Petr Stach, Igor Orozovič, Pavel Gajdoš, Luboš Veselý
Country: Czech Republic
Running time: 93 min
Year of Production: 2015


Laputa is the café where Jakub Smíd’s intimate film unfolds. It is full of charm and nostalgia with a long bar and a piano in the corner. It is the place you come to evening after evening with friends for drinks, conversation and music. And Laputa is all about Joan. She works the bar, lives upstairs, it’s her space. The café reflects her state of mind, emotions and thoughts, sheltering her from the world. But sometimes Joan wonders if that is enough. Jakub Smíd’s feature debut is the story of a generation, of twenty-somethings, a bit rebellious, a bit lost, and very self-involved.