only for the weekend

ONLY FOR THE WEEKEND by Director Kobayashi _Poster

Director: Director Kobayashi (Gianfranco Gaioni)
Cast: Alessandro Roja, Stefano Fresi, Francesca Inaudi, Matilde Gioli, Malik Barnhardt, Marina Rocco, Pia Engleberth, Walter Leonardi
Country: Italy
Running time: 84 min
Year of production: 2015


It looks like Vegas, but it’s Milan: Aldo Broggi, a copywriter addicted to psychiatric drugs, get dumped by his sexually unsatisfied wife. That’s when he will meet an old crook friend of him, that will throw everybody in a series of situations, completely out of control. Illegal gambling houses, sexy women, mysterious briefcases, swimming pools. Total madness? Maybe…