The mission of Summerside International is to create a place where innovative directorial talents and their visions can be discovered and promoted to distributors and broadcasters throughout the world, as the finest authors in international cinema.

Among the new entries in Summerside International’s catalogue:

KOYAA. A SERIES OF SHORT ANIMATED FILMS directly by the great director and producer Kolja Saksida. A slapstick comedy produced in Slovenia, a coproduction with Croatia, about Koyaa and his friend, the wise Mr Raven, who live on a rocky ledge high above the clouds. They lead an exciting life away from the urban hustle and bustle, without a minute’s boredom. Koyaa stumbles into comical adventures when the everyday objects that surround him come to life and begin to act in all sorts of weird and wacky ways.

LA MENTIRITA BLANCA (Little white lie) directed by the Chilean director Tomás Alzamora Muñoz, a funny story about a small-town journalist in southern Chile who realizes he just run out of good news so that he starts making gossips and fake stories in order to keep his job in the local newspaper he works for.

SIDE B directed by the 2016 Berlinale talent David Yanez, writer, producer and director of SIDE B a romance telling the story of Wang-Li Sheng, a Chinese guy who travels to Spain looking for love. Things don’t work out the way he expected and he eventually ends up with no girlfriend, no money and no passport, so he has to get by as an illegal immigrant in a country he knows nothing about.

Besides the late acquisitions, Summerside International has launched in 2017 THE LIBERATION OF SKOPJE, from the producer of the Oscar nominated “Before the rain”, a debut direction of Rade Šerbedžija and his son Danilo Šerbedžija, a beautiful drama co-produced between Macedonia, Finland and Croatia, on the horrors and suffering of the Second World War portrayed in bittersweet terms through the eyes of 11-year-old Zoran whose father has joined the partisans to fight the German occupiers and whose mother becomes involved with a German officer.  Then MAD ABOUT HER (“Uma loucura de muher”), a sparkling Brazilian comedy starring popular Brazilian actors such as Mariana Ximenes, Mia Mello, Bruno Garcia and Sergio Guizé, as well as APRIL FLOWERS, an “Amelié-style” US romance starring Celina Jade, blossom actress of the American Asian cinema, represented by CAA. A psychological thriller IN A LONELY PLACE debut feature direction for Davide Montecchi.

Summerside International is also active in production, co-productions and acquisitions for domestic releases.

Summerside International Line Up